Oct 18 – 7th Grade Parent and Student Meeting


  • Date: October 18, 2017
  • Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Location: MPB


  • Middle School Expectations
  • Transition into Middle School
  • High School & College Information
  • Bank Representative
  • If you and/or parent/guardian attend and stay until the end of the meeting, you will receive a FREE DRESS day for Friday October 20, 2017


Fall Vacation 9/18-10/3

Fall Vacation will be from September 18 till October 3. Students will return to school on October 4, Wednesday.

There will not be credit recovery or Saturday School during this time period due to building repairs conducted on campus.


Sept 7- Make Up Picture Day

Make up Picture Day

If your student  was absent or became a new Cavalier and enrolled after August 3rd your student will be called out to take your picture on makeup picture day Thursday, September 7th.
Any student who purchased a replacement ID card, will receive their new ID that day. Students who purchased a replacement ID will NOT need to take a photo, the photographers will reprint your ID card from August 3rd.
Any student who purchased the ASB card after August 3rd will receive a new ID card with the ASB imprint. Your student must turn in their current ID for the replacement.
The ASB has a limited number of picture day paper order forms, therefore, if you would like one to order photos, please send your student to the ASB to pick up the photo order form or you make click on the link provided for an order form.
If you are ordering pictures, please make sure you have EXACT amount (include 8.75% tax) if paying by cash or check (payable to Lifetouch. Lifetouch photographers and/or ASB will not provide change. to pay via credit card or PayPal, you may go to mylifetouch.com to place orders online.
Please refer to Picture Day ID: CK927128Y1.



Aug 17- Open House

Open House

Thursday, Aug. 17th, 5-7:30pm

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Title One Meeting

5:15 pm – 5:20 pm Welcome

5:25 pm – 5:40 pm SCPA Showcase

5:45 pm – 5:55 pm 0 Period Visit

6:00 pm – 6:10 pm 1st period visit

6:15 pm – 6:25 pm 2nd period visit

6:30 pm – 6:40 pm 3rd period visit

6:45 pm – 6:55 pm 4th period visit

7:00 pm – 7:10 pm 5th period visit

7:15 pm – 7:25 pm 6th period visit


Aug 11 – Self Esteem Workshop



Self Esteem Workshop

Date: Aug 11, 2017

Time: 9:00am – 11:00am

Location: Chula Vista Middle School

Address: 415 Fifth Avenue, Chula Vista, CA 91910


This workshop will help parents understand, through activities and class exercises, the importance of having and maintaining a healthy self esteem.
Topics include: What is self esteem, false self esteem, the importance of self esteem and how to help our children have a healthy self esteem.


For more information on these free classes, call:

HEALTHY STEPS PROGRAM at (619) 662-4199


Aug 3- Picture Day

CVM Fall 2017 Picture Day

Picture Day is on Thursday, August 3rd. Student will take their photos during PE classes. Students must be in full dress uniform. Students may not wear any jacket or sweatshirt in their photo. Student must be in a collared shirt and uniform bottoms.

Students will have the opportunity to purchase photos on that day. Students must turn in the order form with exact amount in cash or check to the photographer. Please include the 8.25% sales tax to the cost of the photos. Photographers and/or ASB will not be making change.

Families may purchase photos with credit card via The Lifetouch website: www.mylifetouch.com. Please make sure you reference CVM’s school code: CK927128Y0. Please write the confirmation code that you receive online on the order form and have your student turn in the order form to the photographer.

Students will receive their CVM ID card on picture day. Students must have their student ID card on them at all times. If you student loses or gets their card stolen, they can purchase a new student ID card at the ASB at the end of October.

You may order pictures by printing and completing the form through the link below:

Picture Order Form