Parent Center

Parent Center in Room 200 Ms. Martinez working with parent volunteers

Inside the Parent Center
Another view of the Parent Center


Parents are always welcome at CVM Parent Center (Rm. 200), where Dr. Ceja and Ms. Martínez greet them and offer them a menu of services. Parent Center offers a place for parent conferences as well as student-led conferences.  Parents can also volunteer for a number of activities. Parents may also be linked with community agencies and adult education opportunities as well provided with technical services (e.g. internet access, Microsoft Office access, printing, email, use of phone).  A family library is also available.  It’s house of the PTSA and a highly involved group on campus, the ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee).  It meets once a month.  Agendas for the meeting meet the state’s legal requirements as well as providing additional support for our student population in general.


 For more information on CVM’s parent Center, please contact

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Dr. Ceja
CIS Coordinator
Ms. Martinez