SBAC Reminder and Schedules

Next week, CVM will have a special schedule for SBAC testing, the file can be downloaded below:

SBAC Schedule

All next week, students need to make sure to:

  1. Bring headphones
  2. You iPad charged at 100%
  3. Bring a book or something quiet to work on in case you finish early.

Club TC Information:

Club TC will still be open starting at 6:45am and stay open until the start of the school day at 9:05am.

The afternoon session will start at 1:05 and stay open until 6:15pm.  Please be aware it is a VERY long day for students and staff.  Please be on time at the end of the day when you are picking up students. Thank you and we look forward to being here for you and your students during the SBAC Test.

If you have any questions about the schedule please give Mrs. Bishop a call at 619-498-6868.