Textbook and iPad Device Collection Dates and Information

Dates to Know:

Last day CVM Library is open for circulation check out is: May 18th

Circulation Collection (all borrowed books from the library during English Class) dates: May 21st –May 23rd

  • Library will be closed on May 21 for collection

Textbook Collection dates: May 24th & May 25th (Conducted during History class)


iPad Device Collection dates:

8th grade early collection: May 31

8th grade + clearance: June 1st – June 4th  (Conducted during Science class)

8th grade collection make up – June 5

7th grade: June 5th and June 6th (Conducted during Science class)

Students will be expected to bring the following:

  • ID, iPad wire, 12W brick and iPad
  • Students who have all of the following items in hand will be served first
  • If students are missing any of the following they will be sent to the back of the line.


Cost to replace iPad related items:

  1. Charging Brick = $22
  2. iPad charging cord/usb = $10
  3. iPad = $484