Dual Language

Dual Language Program Information Pamphlet in English and Spanish


Fully bilingual, bi-cultural, with strong cross-cultural skills, with a solid academic foundation that prepares students for high school and beyond, while promoting self-confidence and motivation, love for life-long learning, and support the linguistic identity to become independent and active members of the twentieth century.


  1. a)Aligned and based on Common Core standards
  2. b)Both ELA and Spanish Literacy
  3. c)Based on Conventions for Oral and Written Spanish
  4. d)Spanish Language Academy
  5. e)Simultaneous Language skills     development
  6. f)Differentiated literacy strategies
  7. g)High Academic levels


1) Higher Performance on Standardized Tests

2) Enhanced Cognitive Skills, Flexibility, Memory, Solving skills and understanding

3) Cross-Cultural Communication

4) Biliteracy

5) Seal H.S. Diploma

6) Higher qualifications for employment

7) Access to Two Worlds (initially)

8) Sense of Responsibility as member of the Global community

9) Better prepared for the global community

Who Can Apply?

  1. Students who speak both English and Spanish
  2. Elementary School students who would like to continue their Dual Language training
  3. ELD students