Academic Intervention

Academic Intervention

Virtual Tutoring

Dear Chula Vista Middle School students and families,

Chula Vista Middle is excited to offer Virtual Tutoring to all of our students Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 4pm.

CVM Virtual Tutoring Schedule

Our generous teachers will be ready to assist each student during the recurring Zoom virtual meeting:

Math and Science: on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

English, Social Science: on Mondays and Thursdays

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 881 9164 7556

Passcode: 410727

Virtual tutoring meetings will allow students to get additional help on homework, tutoring on topics from class and just overall assistance on their core subjects.

Let’s succeed together!!

Your CVM Cavalier Team

___Information Below will occur when school returns in person____

Grade Support Center (GSC)

Grade Support Center is a new “drop-in” tutoring program where students will receive tutoring and assistance on homework from content area teachers. This program is not mandatory; however, we encourage students to “drop-in” when he/she needs the extra help in understanding homework and standards that are being taught in the class.

 The schedule for the Grade Support Center is as follows:

Library3:15-4:15 pmEnglishSocial ScienceMathScienceEnglishSocial ScienceMathScience

Here are the General Rules of the Grade Support Center:

  1. Students must be there for the purpose of receiving needed assistance. Students who are not working or are there just socializing will be asked to leave.
  2. Students must show up on time and are expected to stay for the full hour. Due to limited space, students who arrive late may be turned away.
  3. Students may not eat, drink, or chew gum while they are in the Grade Support Center.
  4. Students must be prepared will their assignments and supplies.
  5. Students MUST sign-in on the sign-in sheet.

Students who are members of Club TC, but need to go to Grade Support Center, will report to the library first and sign-in to Club TC (room 215) after leaving the Grade Support Center. Due to the nature of the program being “drop-in” students must make transportation arrangements on the days that he/she attends and must exit the campus immediately if he/she is not enrolled in Club TC.

Due to the nature of (GSC) being a “drop-in” program, please communicate with your student when he/she will be staying and arrange for transportation.

To verify your child’s attendance, please call the Main Office 619.498.6800 or Categorical Office-Mrs. Price 619.498.6826.


Ace STAR (Specialized Tutoring and Re-teaching) Fridays is a targeted and MANDATORY tutoring and re-teaching program where teachers target students for various reasons (i.e. below proficient on an assessment, missing homework, re-take of an assessment, etc.) to stay after-school on Friday.

Teachers who will target students will send out a communication to the parent (i.e. letter home or ConnectED phone call) informing parents that their child is expected to stay in order to receive extra assistance from his/her teacher. Depending on the teacher, students may be expected to stay from 1:30 pm-3:10 pm.

To verify your child’s attendance, please contact Dr. Ceja 619.498.6818 or your student’s teacher.

Classroom Interventions

Classroom interventions may be re-teaching by the subject-area that occurs in the classroom as well as on Fridays, which parents will be notified by letter or ConnectED phone call if student is mandated to attend.

Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery is offered to any student who earned an “F” grade on his/her semester report card in     either math and/or English. Please contact your student’s counselor if interested.

Spring Intersession

This year Spring Intersession is only offered only to Math 7 students who need to strengthen their skills and knowledge in math.  This will be held March 26-March 30 (8:15 am—11:15 am) Students who sign-up must attend every day and must be dressed in school uniform. Please see your student’s Assistant Principal to sign-up.

Academic Hour w/CLUB TC

Students who are enrolled in CVM’s before/after school program, CLUB TC, MUST attend a mandatory Academic Hour after school that is located in the Multi-purpose Building. Students have that hour to work on class and homework. There are certificated staff and college students who can help students with tutoring and assistance.