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Mission Statement

Chula Vista Middle School cavaliers will become mathematicians by gaining the skills to be successful in California math standards. Students will experience differentiated curriculum, technology support, and manipulative enrichment to become proficient in number sense, measurement and geometry, algebra and functions, statistics, and probability. The mission of the mathematics department is to provide students with high expectations to develop their critical thinking skills to solve problems both in and out of the classroom.
The Math department will:
  • Work collaboratively to create the best lessons for the curriculum
  • Analyze data to identify the needs of students and focus interventions
  • Emphasize student interaction to foster critical thinking¬†development
  • ¬†Promote retention to ensure proficiency and preparedness for future courses
The Math department EXPECTS students to be:
  • Cavaliers who take being a student seriously,
  • Cavaliers who are motivated to be successful,
  • Cavaliers who complete assignments on time,
  • Cavaliers who ask for help, and
  • Cavaliers who work to promote to high school.
Students will have the following responsibilities
  • Binder or Notebook for daily work
  • Assignments on a daily basis
  • Assessments bi-weekly
  • In class participation and collaboration

Math Department

Math Department teacher group photo