History / Social Science

History / Social Science

Mission Statement

Chula Vista Middle Social Science students will develop an understanding of the world, its different cultures, and their histories. Students learn about the importance of their participation in our democratic system of government, learn about our past, and improve their ability to make reasoned decisions based upon evidence.

Students will acquire core knowledge in history and social science and develop the critical thinking skills that historians and social scientists employ to study the past and its relationship to the present.

Our World Cultures Department Mission is to work collaboratively to differentiate the curriculum so that we meet the needs of all our student population segments.  We plan to utilize a thematic approach by focusing on the major standards such as geography, government, agriculture, religion and cultural achievements. Our main accomplishment as a department would be the inclusion of authentic assessment projects.

  • Postcards illustrating various types of vegetation zones in Africa as well as a short narrative on what daily
  • Life is like in that region.
  • Tapa  Cloth which illustrates an ancient art used in ceremonial festivals
  • Islam books
  • African story books enlightening readers about the common misconceptions people have about Africa