Important 8th Grade End-of-Year Information

Important 8th Grade End-of-Year Information

🎓8th Grade Promotion 

Date: June 2, Thursday

Time: 1pm

Student & 6 guests are execpted to arrive together an hour early.

Gates will close at 12:55pm.

Location: Chula Vista High School Field


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Staff Promotion Assignments

Staff Promotion Assignment Slides

8th grade Promotion Letter to Parents ENG

8th grade Promotion Letter to Parents SPAN

SUHSD Parent Letter ENG

SUHSD Parent Letter SPAN

8th grade End of Year Information / Promotion Slideshow


Library Materials- Due Date and Cost

The link below shows the cost of the instructional materials for all students in 7th and 8th grade.

8th grade must submit all items AND circulation books to the library b June 1.

7th will only submit the textbooks and circulation books. 7th graders can keep the iPads over summer unless un-enrolling.

Last day for library circulation is May 20th! Library will be closed for collection after that. Only library workers allowed in at lunch, etc.

List of Library and School Instructional Material and Equipment loaned out to Students


Saturday School

There will be no Saturday School on May 28, the last Saturday School will be was on May 21. 



Welcome to CVM

Virtual Tour of Chula Vista Middle School and Programs

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Click on the image to learn more about our Free Award Winning After School program

Welcome to THE first middle school established in the city of Chula Vista! 

Chula Vista Middle School (CVM) is a comprehensive site that also serves as a School of the Creative and Performing Arts!  We offer a unique blend of Music, Dance, Visual Art, and Drama classes as part of our general program.   Research shows that engaging in the Visual and Performing Arts helps the brain decode reading, generates connections and enhances vocabulary development.  At CVM, students will engage in meaningful lessons and activities that will not only grow their content knowledge but also develop critical thinking skills to cultivate them into outstanding students, compassionate friends and inspiring leaders.  Our focus is to build each of our students to success so that they have only the best options ahead of them! The path to appreciating the Arts and being college and career ready starts with us!


Summer School Credit Recovery 2022

 Summer School Credit Recovery 2022

Where: CVM

When: June 6 – June 27, from 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Who: 7th grade students returning for 8th grade who failed a semester in English, Math, Science or World Cultures or who were invited to attend for the Math 8 Accelerated course.

Classes offered:

English 7A

English 7B

World Cultures B

General Science 1B

Math 7A

Math 7B

Math 8-A, Accelerated

Summer School Schedule

June 6 to June 27.

No summer school on June 20th– Juneteenth Holiday


Block 1:                8:00 am -10:30 am

Lunch:                   10:30 am -11:00am

Block 2:                11:00am- 1:30 pm

For more information please contact Chula Vista Middle School at 619-498-6800.