Fall Vacation

Fall Vacation 

September 25 through October 6

Students will return to school on Tuesday, October 10



Reflecting on an Unforgettable Visit from Bill Gates at Chula Vista Middle School!

We were honored to host a special guest, Mr. Bill Gates, at our school last semester. His visit was a momentous occasion, and we’re excited to share the highlights!
During his time here, Mr. Gates engaged in insightful discussions with our students, sharing his wisdom and inspiring them to pursue their passions. He explored our innovative programs, met with educators, and even took part in some hands-on activities!

The impact of his visit is still reverberating throughout our school community. Stay tuned for a detailed recap, including photos and quotes, on our website. You won’t want to miss the extraordinary experience of Mr. Bill Gates’ visit!


Welcome to CVM

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Welcome to THE first middle school established in the city of Chula Vista! 

Chula Vista Middle School (CVM) is a comprehensive site that also serves as a School of the Creative and Performing Arts!  We offer a unique blend of Music, Dance, Visual Art, and Drama classes as part of our general program.   Research shows that engaging in the Visual and Performing Arts helps the brain decode reading, generates connections and enhances vocabulary development.  At CVM, students will engage in meaningful lessons and activities that will not only grow their content knowledge but also develop critical thinking skills to cultivate them into outstanding students, compassionate friends and inspiring leaders.  Our focus is to build each of our students to success so that they have only the best options ahead of them! The path to appreciating the Arts and being college and career ready starts with us!

Did you know that Chula Vista Middle was recognized  by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for excellence in CARE network?

Bill Gates walking on our CVM campus to recognize one of our math teachers.